Why You Need a Custom Made Box for Your Packaging and Marketing

How do you package your sales items and your other product deliverables? It is a high time you stepped away from the ordinary brown and white packaging box and started using custom made boxes that will not only add a twist to your packaging but will also become part of your marketing. A custom made box is a form of packaging specially designed from corrugated boards, ordinary paperboards, or the double-thick paperboards. However, it is different, comes in different styles and can be used in packaging more products than the ordinary box.

What makes them different?

While the normal paperboards come in just the brown color, a custom made box allows for multiple coloring and labeling. Not only does it inform buyers of what has been delivered to them, it also serves as a promotional and marketing tool while still on display.  You might also have realized that an ordinary box is commercially produced to fill the general market needs. They, therefore, do not have your product specifications in mind and therefore end up being either small or larger than your product.


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On the other hand, a custom made box is specifically designed to fit a specific product. It, therefore, imitates the most basic features of the product like size and shape ensuring that it is neither big nor small. The custom made box also takes into consideration other aspects of the products like weight, for instance, the designer will put into consideration the weight of your product and decide on which among the regular paperboard, the thick paperboard or  the corrugated board can adequately handle your products weight.

What are some of the custom styles available?

A custom box is designed according to your product specifications. This implies that unlike the regular boards and cartons made for the general market, a custom made box is availed to you in any conceivable style or size. The following are some of the most common custom box styles.

  • Corrugated tray inserts
  • Expandable sales box
  • The rigid custom box with casing
  • The corrugated box

What can you use the custom box for?

The custom box is not limited in the uses it can be put into; it can be used in the packaging and delivery of different types of goods big or small.For every product you are processing, there can be designed a packaging box for it. This implies that custom designed packs can be made to suit any of your products. This saves you the time you spend searching for the brown box that fits your products.

What other qualities does the custom box has over ordinary box?

Another reason why you might prefer a custom made paperboard or chipboard is because of its quality. Unlike the general paper and chip boards used in making the generals packaging materials, a good designer will get you a top quality board for your packaging box. This box makes it easy for you to further style it up by adding graphics about the packaged product through digital prints or simply adding on offset print stickers.


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