Escalation of Remote DBA Services to the Level of Necessity

Database management (DBM) and databases administration (DBA) have grown to the level of necessity in today’s world of uninterrupted online communication. With communication technology spread out to both computing and mobile devices the need for data management, security and back-up has become all the more essential. With millions of data getting communicated every second across the globe the need to protect them cannot be ignored.

Data is maintained and used by finance and banking services, online retailers, health service providers, education institutes, ticketing and travel agents, and other public utility service providers. These statistics are exclusive and need to be maintained with care and secrecy. The possibilities of cyber crime are high and every precaution must be taken so that no data is lost, corrupted or hacked. Database management and administration is essential at both corporate and end-user levels. At an organizational level DBA is provided by professional administrators, while at end-user levels they are offered by service providers themselves. For instance, for online banking services data security is carried out by the concerned bank.

With online transactions being carried out every second the chances of data loss are rampant and hence the necessity for data protection and data recovery. As computing technology has reached a virtual level through cloud computing, database administration and management has also escalated to a remote technology. It is now possible to manage, protect, and retrieve data even without physical presence. Remote access and manageability tools have made DBA a highly specialized and focused activity. As already stated, with millions of records traversing communication media every second, 24×7 remote DBA services is now a necessity rather than a choice.

Security Threat

Security threat is the greatest in online communication. In spite of the best tools being used the chances of data corruption, hacking, and stealing cannot be ruled out. With data transference media now extended to both mobile and broadband channels the vulnerability of data has raised considerably. As chances of data loss are fair it is essential to have a proper backup in a different location. Even if one source is destroyed or corrupted, it is possible to retrieve data from this alternative source. Remote database administrators being capable of maintaining this alternative data source are thus indispensable. This is more so, since data transaction takes place every second across Internet.


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A DBA is responsible for maintaining privacy of stored data. It takes the responsibility of not divulging any information without the permission or knowledge of end users. At the end-user level every data is protected by user log in and password codes. These allow only authentic users to access data. However, users should be weary of hackers as they could break passwords and get access to all details. Database administrators therefore advise users to change their password regularly so that hacking could be prevented.


Data corruption by virus is a common feature in an Internet connected device. As this threat is constant, it becomes necessary on the part of database administrator to take sufficient precaution to prevent this. A continuous checking for viruses is hence essential, and thus the presence of a DBA. Viruses have the ability to replicate themselves and destroy all data. They even impact regular operation and running of a hardware device such as a desktop or laptop. Mobile functioning could also be affected adversely by online virus or malware.

A best DBA support provider would take special care about the security of database, particularly when it stands the threat of getting exposed to external elements during online communication.


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