Calculate your next car value using these steps in India

“So, tell me, how much can it fetch for me?” – This the question generally sellers ask; sometimes with expectation, sometimes out of frustration. Whether you consider trading with the help of a dealer, or you decide to sell by your effort; calculating the car value in India must be done a lot of thinking you can india home automation, especially when, you are new to this. Let us help you step by step in determining the value your car is worth.

Step 1: Calculate and consolidate the expenses, those you recently incurred

Let it be recently changed tires or the carpeting that you just refurnished, any expense that you have incurred recently that has a minimum a half year service life must be taken into account. Additionally most buyers, in fact, appreciate such additions as they do not wish to spend much on these. Please feel free to boast about what you have recently invested.


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Step 2: Calculate the bare minimum cosmetic changes those you need to get it sold

“Look at those scratches on the corner of the bumpers.” – “Don’t you get your car polished regularly?” A buyer in India opens up with statements of much displeasure when the time for negotiation comes. So, be ready to spend that extra money of the headlight glass, or wipers and windshield glass and be sure to add it too. Just a little care, do not over spend neither over expect.

Step 3: Now fix that price in mind

The range of activities those we do while fixing a price can be categorized into two major areas. Either we wish to give the buyer room for negotiation, or we are rigid on our price depending on our calculated variables. An Indian buyer has many sources on which he relies. Some are authentic, and some are fanciful. During direct negotiations, people compare the price with what their peer might have sold it at. The buyer is smart enough like you to surf through websites and dig information. It is ideal to fix a range and begin from a price that lies just in the middle. You can then quote a higher price if the car has advantages like; the insurance, free service coupons etc. or have invested in a facility or feature that matters. In the same manner, you should be compromising if the car needs a major service or repair, or recently has met an accident. As we told before, make it win-win for both.

Step 4: Keep in mind the additional costs that you may have to incur

“What about the location of the buyer?” “Would he collect by himself or you have to get it delivered?” “Will it need cross-state drive down to the destination?” be ready with the answers to these questions and do not hesitate to answer these too.

Step 5: Take free used car valuation services

These professional services rendered by various websites like it can guide you or put you on the right track. Most of these websites have very easy and user-friendly interfaces and knows how to hit exactly the bull. Few simple lines of information in the requisite fields if you could feed, and few minutes if you could spare in filling areas like; make model, year, kilometers driven, and city and click the button, you would obtain a rough value for your car that is far better than your imaginative calculations. Rest you need to trust your brains and conscience. As this always guides you in the right track in doing what is needed to be done and very rightly checks you from doing what should not be done.

Step 7: Have you considered taking the depreciation services?

These online services add wings to your calculating abilities, and one should use them too. One should take depreciation into account while calculating the value of the car.

More and less, one should follow each and every step to know the exact value of the car. If one will know the exact value of the car, then it will be a great help to him/her to take decision while purchasing or selling cars.

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